Decoding Dyslexia – Wisconsin (DDWI) 

We are a Statewide parent-led grassroots community of concerned individuals working to advance literacy 

and the acknowledgement of dyslexia through relationship and capacity building, co-learning, and strategic action.

DDWI is led by a group of volunteers we call the DDWI Organizing Committee. 

Our DDWI Organizing Committee meets every second Thursday of the month via zoom. 

We encourage members to contact us via email with questions or inquiries about becoming more actively involved.

Meet the Organizing Committee

State Lead/Legistlative Network Coordinator - Katie Kasubaski

State Co-Lead/Education Coordinator - Kari Baumann

Planning Coordinator - Susan Garcia Franz

Event Planning Coordinator - Misty Powers

Marketing/Communications Coordinator - Andrea Hedquist


Our vision is to raise awareness, empower families to support their children, and share information with legislators about best practices to identify, educate and support students with Dyslexia and those struggling with reading in Wisconsin.


To support families of students with Dyslexia and struggling readers by sharing resources and strategies which are helpful (and supported by research). We believe every child must learn to read so they can reach their full potential.


1. Build and sustain a Statewide community with a focus on dyslexia awareness and improved reading throughout the state. 

2. Be a vehicle for change to improve access to opportunities for dyslexic children and adults within our communities. 


1. Increase community awareness of dyslexia by empowering and supporting our DDWI membership throughout Wisconsin

2. Create an alliance of parents, teachers and other literacy groups to pass dyslexia legislation

3. Partner with other literacy groups to promote dyslexia awareness in underserved WI communities

4. Promote resources and tools for use by communities, families, and individuals

5. Promote the collection of, access to and analysis of statewide reading data from 4k -12 th grade